• Aluminum construction
  • Glare control

Pergola is a modern and extremely functional solution, used as roofing for terraces or separate garden areas, which, depending on the needs and creativity of the user can find a number of applications.

The MB-OpenSky 140 structure is made of extruded aluminium, which guarantees its durability for years. The supporting posts are extremely tough and their geometry provides exceptional rigidity. The profiles of the posts and purlins are connected by means of C and L type joints. An innovative method of spacing the profiles with custom-designed cleats makes it possible both to ensure the stability of the entire system and to create an aesthetic connection with no visible gaps. The canopy is formed by a module composed of movable slats and fitted with a mechanism for changing their angle on an axis from 0 to 135°.The slats feature tailor-made seals for protection against rainwater and there is a drainage system located in the posts. This ensures that water is efficiently fed through gutters and downpipes to the storm drain.

The product meets the conditions for resistance to snow load and strong wind gusts. Tests carried out on the system showed that, for structures with the dimensions of 6 m length × 4 m width × 3 m height, the permissible snow load is 200 kg/m², which corresponds to a covering of snow approximately 1000 mm deepand a simultaneous wind load of around 59 mph.

The product is available as a free-standing and wall-mounted version, with a special console for wall insulation. It is possible to use the two-nave option, which allows to increase the usable area. The maximum dimensions of one section are 7 m lenght × 5 m width × 3 m height.

Technical data:

slats rotatable

from 0 to 135°

snow load

200 kg/m²

wind load

up to 95 mph

wide range of colours


System characteristics



- construction made of extruded aluminium;

- aesthetic fixings without any visible gaps;

- drainage system hidden in the structure;

- roof module with slats rotatable within a 0-135° range;

- slats fitted with sealing gaskets to protect against rainwater;

- a motor hidden in the structurei;

- invisible feet;

- LED lighting;

- optional use of side screens such as SkyRoll screens or all-glass sliding doors;

- snow load up to 200 kg/m2 (covering of snow approximately 1000 mm deep);

- wind load up to 59 mph;

- a wide range of RAL colours.