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Thermally insulated roofing systems

Winter gardens are made of thermally insulated profiles. A plastic spacer, placed in the profile cross-section, eliminates the possibility of freezing of the aluminum structure. The construction of a winter garden from non-insulated profiles, without a thermal break, is a common mistake made by contractors, it has a significant impact on the operation of the structure. In winter, during high temperature differences, frost will appear on the inner surface of the profiles.

Ogrody zimowe izolowane termicznie
Ogrody zimowe izolowane termicznie
Ogrody zimowe izolowane termicznie
Functionality and aesthetics:

  • Systems of 3-chamber thermally insulated profiles intended for any production shapes of winter garden roofs.

  • Profiles with interesting shapes, different cross-sections depending on the static and thermal requirements.

  • A wide range of profile sections allows for freedom in design and execution depending on the needs and wishes of the client.

  • Possibility to use profiles with insulating chambers filled with thermal insulation foam for gardens with special thermal requirements.

  • Possibility of roofing finished with a gutter or eaves.

  • The thickness of the roof glass package is up to 54mm.

  • Over 100 typical solutions for the shapes of roofs.

  • A full range of colors from the RAL palette, structural varnishes and wood-like varnishes.

  • A wide selection of additional elements, such as: tilting or sliding roof windows, roof hatches,
    casings of water drainage pipes, decorative gutter blinds, a whole system of profiles for halogen
    and LED lighting installations.

  • Our system solutions allow us to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. They guarantee investor and contractor satisfaction.